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The main problem with being immortal is what to do with your time.
As an immortal you don't feel the same sense of urgency that most creatures have. You do what you can to fill in the hours but all in all it's a moot point. There isn't a collection I haven't completed. Worse that being immortal is that I don't have any special talent.
People usually say that never dying is impressive enough, but it doesn't quite make
the days go by. I see people cooking or singing and am often jealous. It's not that I can't make an omelette it's just that it never quite as good as I want it to be.

How rude of me. My name is Freland Arnical. No, it's not a joke so your laughing is
inappropriate. I became a very long time ago, longer than most galaxies have existed.
Beings like me aren't born,we just come into existance, we become. I am energy.
The prevailing theory is that the galaxy is expanding, well that's partially correct. I
Nice try though. Movement, thought, evolution, anything related to change is really an energy. This energy can often be consentrated and cause spurts in evolution, thought or great changes ,you didn't really think you all did that? The energy causes change and slowly causes the galaxy to expand, but after a while this energy collects in one spot for a long period of time. It creates what you call a black hole. If enough energy is collected by it, I become. Once it retracts to it's former retracts it's one being richer.

Like I was saying, the main problem with being immortal is what to do with your time. I mean sure, I could read or take some courses. Problem is that I most likely know how the book ends and I've mastered the course. I've done surprisingly little with my existence. It doesn't really bother me, it's not like my time is limited. I have all the time in.. well, anything. I once took a very interesting class on pottery, it was actually very relaxing. Sadly I outgrew the class rather quickly. Often times I'll just grab some malleable matter and create intricate beings, systems, life forms, conciousness. I usually get tired of them and seem to somehow missplace them. I remember that during one particularly dull week I created an entire living ecosystem. Planet, fauna, flora and all. It was very pretty in an Earthy kind of way.Oh and that's what I ended up calling it as well. It took me about six days and on the seventh. I went out to see that new movie that came out a while ago.

I remember that I tried several methods of developing the beings, I tried starting off with one pair but it didn't quite work. In the end the beings weren't smart enough and I couldn't spare enough energy to make them think. They became dull and eventually stopped doing anything, I made they're world to perfect and they were miserable.
I scrapped that and decided to start off with fungus. It's alive but barely, One of the
simplest life forms I had ever created. I invested a lot of energy into it and after
a few weeks a decent culture had formed. But I had apparently invested too much and the creatures had become too different. They slowly tore away at each other, granted it was much more entertaining than my initial try. But it seemed just as senseless and I've never been one to comform. I did notice that certain parts of that culture had high ammounts of energy growing naturally. What I did was start it off with the best of that last try and begin at the highes point in their civilization. It actually was doing really well but I missplaced it a while ago.


Well anyway, this is a bit I wrote and couldn't decide how to finish. Any ideas? I was also considering just cutting the last parragraph, putting some of it's ideas in the previous parragraph and calling it a day.
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