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on an afternoon....

The wet heat toook me as I walked out of the library. Walking across the grass I thought many things at once, as one often does. The dark clouds overhead we the ominous foreshadowing that the concentrated heat on the pavement would soon be released with the baptism that would come from above and the heat that would come up to greet me by opening up my pores and calling to the water I held within to cool my rapidly warming skin.

In my car the heat is a little more vicious. I can literally feel my skin opening up in the quite of autumn. In this exposure I wonder what is to become of us? To become of you and me, rather, because the "us" has been eroded to a point of undistinguishable disfiguring from which there seems to be no return. As such, we are forced to carry on towards the onimous rain, and cold, and blooming that we will meet in seperate and individual ways.
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