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Won a tournament against himself.

Bill Brasky was born at 4 feet and 8 inches.
He can tear a bible with his bare hands.
To my man! Bill Brasky!
He was born deaf in one ear and missing the other!
He can't hear many sounds but he can hear heat!
I once went out skying with Bill, he forgot his, peeled the bark off a tree with his teeth, he skiied for 3 days without a boat to drag him!
Bill Brasky once swallowed a rattlesnake and a mongoose whole, just so they would fight in his gut!
To Bill Brasky!!

I once saw Bill Brasky Kill a man with his knuckles, bring him back to life and kill him again!
To Bill Brasky!

I was with Bill the time he saved the world from Hitler...
To Bill Brasky!!

Bill Brasky is 7'13 feet tall with teeth made out of solid copper and a tongue made out of titanium!
Bill Brasky can open caskets while they're still underground!
I once saw Bill Brasky wear a Lion's skin, while it was still alive!!!
To Bill Brasky!!

To Bill Brasky! The man who, when in prison made a 5 foot long machete out of saliva and air!
Brasky is the only man who can see Ultra Violet light and fight with it!
To Bill Brasky!

Bill Brasky once created the extinct Dodo with his mind, ate it and temporarily gained the ability to fly!
I once heard Bill Brasky swear at a Dinosaur in it's own language!

To Bill Brasky!! Bill Brasky once leapt across the Grand Canyon using Evil Kenivel's corpse!!
Bill was the secret love child of famed Soothsayer Nostradamus and talk show queen Oprah Winfrey.
Bill Brasky was born with the ability to change the color of his skin to perfectly blend in with his surroundings.

To Bill Brasky!!
I once heard that Bill Brasky fought off Satan with both his hands tied behind his back and sodomized him.
To Bill Brasky!
The son of a gun who uses Telephone cables to floss and hubcaps as pocket change!! To Bill Brasky!!
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