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The Utterly Improbable History of the only Yellow Jubril of Mons Pavonis.

Mons Pavonis is widely considered the oddest result of any experiment ever produced, by which they mean it wasn't as much an experiment as it was the fortunate union of a small interstellar trout caught in a small chunk of ice mixed with the remains of that afternoon's snacks. Hardly an experiment, you see? Somehow a small planet formed from the afore mentioned combination and soon enough the most improbable being to ever have lived was created as well. A drastically dim-witted creature known as the only Yellow Jubril, currently of Mons Pavonis.

After what seemed like a very successful civilization had formed, a small accident involving harsh chemicals and some unfortunate worker's bad vision cause all life to cease to be. With the obvious exception of one Yellow Jubril, who was suspiciously well protected by some trees, assorted bunches of small berries and 9 layers very well placed krytanium.

Mass extinction being as tiring as it was it found a nap was in order, but was abruptly interrupted by a Twin Engine Stellar Luxury Pillaging Cruise. In a strikingly bright pink. Two oddly tube-like beings bounded out demanding to be given immediate control of the planet, only to be disappointed by the lack of ears for those commands to fall deaf upon. A quick argument over who chose the planet later and the ship blasted hastily back into space with the addition of what turned out to be the only Yellow Jubril, formerly of Mons Pavonis.

During the very pleasant trip there seemed to be a lovely planet quickly approaching the vessel. Several curses and an immediate drop in speed indicated that they had run out of fuel. Although greatly enjoying the view it grew curious about the bright burning ball that was hurtling through space towards what seemed to be a very nice planet indeed. It unfurled wings even it didn't know it had, but was glad it did and resumed its pace towards the planet.

As it entered the planet's atmosphere the ship assumed a highly unlikely collision course with what turned out to be a meteor which, apparently, would herald the total annihilation of the planet and everything on it, sadly. In an even more unlikely turn of events as both bodies collided they negated each other's force and amazingly both fell harmlessly into a nearby bodies of water. As the tube-like beings emerged from the wreckage of what previously was their ship they were being hailed as great heroes, much to their bewilderment. The meteor was arrested under suspicion of malicious acts and the Yellow Jubril, formerly of Mons Pavonis wandered off in look of a drink.

Finding none it was forced to chose a dwelling at random, accurately guessed the custom of knocking and politely asked for a cup of tea of the local equivalent. It was allowed in and sat, stood or laid there as it slowly enjoyed a decent cup of tea and proceeded to recount its tale to the owner of that dwelling. I listened intently.
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