my smile unconvincing (freakupatree) wrote in multitude,
my smile unconvincing

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tonight tonight

I reflected in the mirror,
My same green necklace,
My shoulders bare,
I fashion teeth marks,
I am still unencumbered,
No one to vouch for me
I only hear my own voice,
It echoes out from me; a foreign sound to be crisp in the air.
Forging new roads,
Leaving behind the past,
I am walking faster than shadows,
I am flirting with my own discretion,
I stare relentlessly at my figure,
It’s strange to reflect upon.
I have seen in dressed down to nothing,
I’ve seen it possessed,
I‘ve seen it observed,
But I reflect on it,
My figure full of mischief
It’s a new day to meet myself,
There is no one in my head talking to me
For today I’ve been speaking to ONLY myself.*~
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