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something i wrote...

i don't think you fully understand how you crush me with your words,
common sense forgotten as the time slips from your hands like the sand of an hourglass.
keep the shells you find left in your palms as memories.

soon, the time will come where you awake alone in the darkness,
and turn around only to discover orange flames embracing the tinfoil bridges you've constructed in the past.
calling to me from the bridge,
as the ashes and embers fall upon my head.
my hair is burning,
my skin is burning,
my flesh is being shed for you.
don't you see it?
my blood is being spilt for you.
if only you could see it.

And, my life exists on line between the darkness and the light.
i wish i could let you see me before i pull myself under night.
but it's too late, as i am already deep in the forest,
my own midnight monsters already run amoc,
they escape from under the beds of the innocent as i am drowned in my daydreams.
their fields blazing in fire,
their lives hang in the balance, but the scales are already tipped.
and who will be the one to tame them?
and for now i have no other descision,
no dimly lit exits through the corridors of my life,
i am compelled to remain,
and be,
i am unveiled for all.
i cannot hide the black tears on my face...
nor my blood that i have poured onto my own hands.
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