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this just kinda came out the other day...

i wonder if i'm not obscure enough when writing. i'm aware that i don't have to be, but the best art is. i don't write for myself, i guess i write for the world? oh, who knows...


it's the first time in two years
that we've missed this small day
and i really can't say much
i had my own escapade
this day we viewed with special reverence
and we've watched it decay away
and we watched you...
dissapear with your boy
as long as it's what you want
please just don't haunt me
like thisi had no escapade
just another shot
at a not-you
but with
too true new feelings and..
just where did you go?
where did i go?
where did the things we hold dear
store off to?
and it's just old news now
no reason to beat around
and i just have no shot
with this girl-not-you
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